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5LINX Senior Vice President

The last time John and his wife Patrice Jones made a career move, 12 years ago, lightning struck. They were credited with opening the Northeast for Excel Communications and went on to attain the highest level of success as top earners and leaders. They won every award, culminating with John's selection by his peers as winner of the company’s most prestigious honor. That was as Trainer of the Year, earned by the most impacting leader to the entire field, regardless of downline affiliation.

During their career with Excel, John and Patrice were Millionaire Masters, Presidential Directors, Top Performers Council members for 11 years and were included in the National Register’s Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals in the communications industry. They also were the subject of a profile titled “Getting Paid for a Lifetime” in a New York Times business list best-selling book (The Excel Phenomenon).

“You need certain qualities to succeed in this business,” John said, “a vision of where you want to go, hustle, faith and patience so you can get paid for a lifetime.”

John says he was compelled to join 5LINX over other companies because of the powerfully lucrative compensation plan and the strongest products and services in the industry but more importantly, by the integrity and perseverance of friend and sponsor (Millionaires Club Founder) William Faucette and the forward vision of 5LINX.

In fewer than 30 days, the Jones’ 5LINX team broke all company records. John said that was due to the company support, the team’s ever-growing excitement and “our complete faith and trust that this is exactly where God wants our leadership at this time.”

Being in the right place at the right time with the right strategy and courage caused the Jones’ previous company to rewrite MLM and business history with a run from $31 million to $1.4 billion in fewer than 1,000 days.

“I am stunned and extremely excited to know that with 5LINX, we are poised to make history again,” John said. “Who said lighting doesn’t strike twice? We are living proof that it does! So, come join us and experience the run of your life!”

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